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ISIS captures Jordanian pilot after shooting down warplane

Jordan Warns ISIS Against Harming Captured Pilot

Jordan warns ISIS militants of “grave consequences” if they harmed a Jordanian pilot captured after his F-16 crashed in northern Syria.

by · December 26, 2014 ·
Palestinian slain, Israeli wounded in clash along the Gaza border

Palestinian Killed, Israeli Wounded In Gaza Border Clash

A Palestinian was killed and an Israeli soldier wounded Wednesday in one of the worst clashes along the Gaza border since last summer’s war ended.

by · December 25, 2014 ·
Homeless man given $100, watch what he does next.

WATCH: Homeless Man Given $100 And Secretly Followed (VIDEO)

After handing a homeless man $100, he was secretly followed with a camera. Watch how a social experiment turns into a heartwarming experience.

by · December 23, 2014 ·
Pakistan Set To Execute 500 Terror Convicts

Pakistan Set To Execute 500 Terror Convicts

Pakistan plans to execute around 500 terror convicts following the deadliest terror attack in the nation’s history, officials said Monday.

by · December 23, 2014 ·
A Palestinian child in Rafah injured by Israeli air land attacks on Rafah. Source: IMEMC August-2-2014

Israel Commits War Crimes Daily

Israel commits war crimes every time they murder an unarmed Palestinian. These victims are not just statistics. They are loved ones, and above all, humans.

by · December 23, 2014 ·
Islam Times - The bodies of 230 people killed by ISIL terrorists have been found in a mass grave uncovered by their relatives in Syria's Deir Ezzor province, the UK-based opposing Syrian Observatory said Wednesday.

Mass Grave Of 230 Civilians Found In Syria (VIDEO)

A mass grave of 230 civilians was discovered in eastern Syria, many of them were executed in cold blood after their [Shaitat] tribe rose up against ISIL.

by · December 21, 2014 ·
Taliban School Massacre Photos (Graphic)

Taliban School Massacre Photos (Graphic)

Warning: content not suitable for children. Taliban school massacre photos provide a glimpse into the heinous murder of 132 children at Pakistani school.

by · December 19, 2014 ·
Incredibly funny photo booth prank. (“Image: Screen grab/News Impulse”).

Funny Photo Booth Prank Will Have You In Tears (VIDEO)

Watch as people walk into an incredibly funny photo booth prank, not realizing the voice speaking to them is not a machine, but a live person.

by · December 14, 2014 ·
Israeli lynch Mob Roams Jerusalem streets, looking for arabs to kill.

VIDEO: Israeli Lynch Mob Stops Taxis Looking For Arabs To Kill

An Israeli lynch mobb roams Jerusalem, looking for Arabs to kill.
“Give it to the Arabs, the sons of bitches!”
“A Jew is a soul. An Arab–a son of a bitch!”

by · December 9, 2014 ·
10 Ways To Keep Her Happy, So Rico Suave Doesn’t Steal Your Girl

10 Ways To Keep Her Happy, So Rico Suave Doesn’t Steal Your Girl

Men, this article may save your relationship, or give you a heads up as to what’s coming, or better yet, who’s coming.

by · December 9, 2014 ·
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