About Us

About News Impulse

News Impulse is a non-corporate funded,  independent news website.

There was a time – and old-school journalists remember it well – when journalism as a career meant being so passionate about getting the truth in front of the public eye, that one would resort to extremes of self-sacrifice. As world governments, dictators and entire armies sought to pin entire populations down under oppressive regimes – the valiant journalist served as a citizen spy, going where even many CIA operatives failed to go, and reporting back their stories to the entire world.

True journalism broke the back of oppression – it exposed deceit and corruption to the light of day. But today…well, today we have stories about the latest movies out over the weekend, and updates about the Toyota Recall. The media itself is now a bastion of corporate corruption.

However, here at News Impulse, we have hope in the form of Independent media. There are still organizations that believe in those founding ideals of journalism – there are still journalists that hold true to the principles that keep democratic societies informed about the atrocities and corruption taking place throughout the world–and we are one of them.

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