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ISIS captures Jordanian pilot after shooting down warplane

Jordan Warns ISIS Against Harming Captured Pilot

Jordan warns ISIS militants of “grave consequences” if they harmed a Jordanian pilot captured after his F-16 crashed in northern Syria.

by · December 26, 2014 ·
Pakistan Set To Execute 500 Terror Convicts

Pakistan Set To Execute 500 Terror Convicts

Pakistan plans to execute around 500 terror convicts following the deadliest terror attack in the nation’s history, officials said Monday.

by · December 23, 2014 ·
Taliban School Massacre Photos (Graphic)

Taliban School Massacre Photos (Graphic)

Warning: content not suitable for children. Taliban school massacre photos provide a glimpse into the heinous murder of 132 children at Pakistani school.

by · December 19, 2014 ·
The tragedy took place between "Kondratovka" and "Petropavlovsk" stations on the South Urals Railway.

Truck Torn Apart By Two Trains At Rail Crossing (VIDEO)

A truck driver has been killed in a horrific collision in Kazakhstan after his vehicle skid onto the rail track crossing right between the two oncoming trains.

by · November 24, 2014 ·
An Israeli police officer during clashes with Palestinians in Jerusalem

Palestinian Shot Dead Near Gaza Border

There is anger in Gaza after the first deadly Israeli shooting there since a 50-day war ended in August.

by · November 23, 2014 ·
Israelis Gang Up On Muslim Woman On Bus

Israelis Gang Up On Muslim Woman On Bus

“My headscarf is suspicious? That’s what frightens you? “

by · November 13, 2014 ·
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