Funny Photo Booth Prank Will Have You In Tears (VIDEO)

Incredibly funny photo booth prank

This prank from the “Tonight Show” puts a photo booth in the middle of Universal Studios. People get in the photo booth, not realizing that the person speaking to them in the booth is not actually a machine, but a live person.

Incredibly funny photo booth prank.

Incredibly funny photo booth prank. (“Image: Screen grab/News Impulse”).

The classic, ever so funny, photo booth prank

Have you ever used a photo booth? Chances are, you’ve not experienced more than a cramped space, a flash of light and some silly shots. These folks get a little more than they bargained for, however, with a photo booth that is more interactive than most.

Who do you think was more surprised? The kids in the funny photo booth prank, or the adults? It sure did not look like the dancing, stripping man was surprised; he looked way too comfortable in that booth. If anything, he surprised the prankers listening in.

Next time you step into a photo booth, remember, you may end up in a featured post on News Impulse.

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