WATCH: Homeless Man Given $100 And Secretly Followed (VIDEO)

Homeless man given $100. How he spends it, will touch your heart.

Watch how a social experiment turns into a heartwarming experience. Youtube star, Josh Paler Lin, wanted to find out what a homeless man would do after he’s unexpectedly given $100.

Who was the homeless man given $100?

Josh went out into the Los Angeles streets and picked one homeless man at random.  Lin handed Thomas (the homeless man) $100 in cash, then followed him with a camera. What happens next will touch your heart.

homeless man given $100: source:

Homeless man given $100, watch what he does next.

Help Thomas To Get A Fresh Start!

The YouTube video description has information on how to help Thomas. The campaign had a $10,000 goal and after 24 hours of the video being posted online, it exceeded that goal.

There is a total of $38,750.00 in donations and counting! To check out the campaign, or to make a donation, click here.

homeless man given $100:

Help Thomas To Get A Fresh Start!

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