Israel Commits War Crimes Daily

Israel commits war crimes daily against unarmed Palestinians.

Israel commits war crimes:

A Palestinian child in Rafah injured by Israeli air land attacks on Rafah. Source: IMEMC August-2-2014


Every time Israel murders an unarmed Palestinian, they commit a war crime.

The list of war crimes committed with impunity by Israel, against Gaza and throughout the West Bank, continues to grow. Israel’s recent genocide on Gaza, in which 2,168 Palestinians were murdered, left Gaza devastated. Israeli Occupation Forces are killing Palestinian civilians, including children. Investigations completed by renowned international human rights groups, such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, collected conclusive empirical evidence of war crimes, committed by Israel against Palestinian civilians.

israel commits war crimes:

Israeli air strikes in the east of Gaza City during a military operation in the east of Gaza Strip Photo: EPA

Israel commits war crimes in impunity, and are shielded by U.S. veto power.

There is long history of the United States flexing its veto power, to shield Israel from any glimpse of accountability for war crimes committed. This suggests that Israel will once again walk away unscathed, from past war crimes committed, and future war crimes to be committed. Operation Protective Edge was no different.

“Operation Protective Edge” was Israel’s 50-day long aggression of death and destruction inflicted against Gaza’s besieged 1.8 million Palestinians, locked in what is commonly described as an “open-air prison”
israel commits war crimes source:

U.S. vote “No”, only UN member that voted against the resolution establishing independent commission of inquiry OPT and Gaza.

There will likely be no justice for the 1,666 civilians murdered in “Operation Protective Edge,” including 521 children and 297 women. This will pass without justice served, just like the massacre of 16,000 civilians in Lebanon in the summer of 1982. It will also pass without justice, as did the murderous rampage of over 100 civilians, mostly children seeking shelter in a UNIFIL base in Qana in 1996. The uninterrupted streak of Israeli impunity must be broken. The murder of innocent civilians constitutes a war crime in itself.  These crimes against humanity, must be investigated and prosecuted as such. In fact, every time Israel murders an unarmed Palestinian, they commit a war crime.

israel commits war crimes daily-image source:

Time Magazine Cover story: Massacre in Lebanon. September 1982 Issue.

International human rights groups investigation results: Israel commits war crimes

International human rights organizations have documented widespread violations of the laws of war, committed by the Israeli military during “Operation Protective Edge.”  It also must be noted that Hamas commits war crimes by firing missiles indiscriminately at Israel. Although, evidence supports that Hamas largely targeted Israeli military personnel in carried out missions, any indiscriminate targeting of civilian populations is a war crime.

The list below includes many, but is not inclusive of all war crimes committed.

  1. The reckless and disproportionate use of deadly force in densely populated urban areas.

  • The Israeli military employs a strategy known as the Dahiya Doctrine. This strategy implements systematic use of disproportionate force.  In order to defeat and deter enemies, massive force is even used against civilian targets,
  • On July 30, 2014, Amnesty International issued a statement condemning an attack on a UN school in Jabalia. The attack killed at least 17 civilians, which were sheltering from the violence.
  • Israeli forces destroyed entire neighborhoods. The most notable mass-destruction attacks were carried out in areas such as Shejaiyain central Gaza, Beit Hanoun in northern Gaza, and Khozaa. These attacks flattened high-rise residential buildings and shopping centers.   This is a video clip of Beit Hanoun being destroyed.
  • On July 20, the Israeli military launched a bloody assault against the residential neighborhood of Shejaiya in Gaza City. This merciless bombing campaign followed the apparent capture of an Israeli soldier, by Palestinian forces. The Shejaiya massacre killed more than 66 people, including at least 17 children, 14 women and four elderly. In the space of less than an hour, the Israeli army fired more than 600 artillery shells into Shejaiya.
  • On August 1, in Rafah in southern Gaza, the Israeli military killed between 130 and 150 Palestinians, mostly civilians. This was the Israeli military response, after Palestinian forces reportedly captured an Israeli soldier, as a prisoner of war. During the assault, Israeli forces fired more than 1000 artillery shells, in the space of three hours.
  • On July 23, Navi Pillay, the UN high commissioner for human rights, expressed deep concern over possible Israeli “war crimes” in Gaza. In a special session of the UN Human Rights Council, Pillay said,

“The targeting of civilian homes is a violation of international humanitarian law … A number of incidents, along with the high number of civilian deaths, belie the claim that all necessary precautions are being taken….”

  1. Israeli attacks on medical facilities and workers and UN schools sheltering displaced civilians.

On at least seven different occasions, the Israeli military attacked UN schools sheltering displaced civilians. In the attacks approximately 43 people were killed and hundreds more were wounded.

On August 3, 2014, in a display of callousness, Israel carried out missile strikes outside of a UN school in Rafah, in southern Gaza. This assault on the UN school  killed at least 10 civilians, including at least one child, and wounded dozens of others. UN officials were quick to condemn the attack on the school. They stated that they had informed the Israeli military of the “exact GPS coordinates” of the school, where approximately 3000 Palestinians were taking shelter. UN officials stated in a press release that they informed the Israeli military 33 times of their location, in an attempt to prevent it from being bombed.

  1. Israel attacks civilians and targets civilian infrastructure.

Even at a glance, it’s plain to see that war crimes are simply a part of Israeli military practices. These are not isolated incidents; they are a practice of Israeli military protocol, reinforced by the Israeli authorities complete failure to prosecute the perpetrators of these atrocities.

According to the information provided by the MAG Corps, only three investigations ended with indictments.

  • One indictment was served against a soldier for theft of a Palestinian’s credit card. He was sentenced to 15 months in prison. Half of the term was a suspended sentence, and demotion.
  • A second indictment was served against two soldiers accused of using a nine-year-old Palestinian boy as a human shield, and ordering him to open suspected booby-trapped bags. The two were tried and sentenced to three months in prison, and demotion from staff sergeant to sergeant.
  • A third indictment was served against a soldier for “killing an unidentified individual” and for misconduct. The soldier was convicted of unlawful use of firearms and misconduct in a plea bargain. He was given a 45-day prison sentence, a six-month suspended prison sentence and demotion.

The heinous war crimes committed by Israel, against the Palestinians, is not a thing of the past. It has been continuous, beginning before the forced inception of the Jewish state.

The Palestinian Nakba (catastrophe) did not happen in 1948, it began years before, and still persists today. Recently, Israeli Occupation Forces in Silwad, shot a 41-year-old Palestinian in the head. Many bystanders whom witnessed the grotesque murder, stood around his lifeless body, with a bullet lodged into his brain on display.

WARNING: This picture is graphic. Click HERE

Israel broke the ceasefire with Gaza in September when they shot, and killed a Palestinian man near the border with Israel.

Reported by News Impulse in September,

A Palestinian man has been shot dead near the border with Israel.  Palestinian health ministry officials identified the man as Fadel Mohammed Halawa, 32, who was shot dead as he approached the Israeli border. It is claimed he was shot to the east of the Jabalya refugee camp.

These victims are not just statistics. They are mothers, fathers, children, friends, and above all humans. They are humans that bleed the same color, as 7 billion others spread across the globe. A formal education in international law is not required to conclude that war crimes have been committed by Israel. Israel’s institutionalized system of collective punishment, and persecution against Palestinian civilians, constitutes war crimes. Only the enforcement of international law, and holding Israel accountable to the same universal applications of International Humanitarian Law, the Geneva Conventions, and United Nations resolutions, may end Israeli impunity, against Palestinian civilians.

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A Palestinian child in Rafah injured by Israeli air land attacks on Rafah August-2-2014-imemc

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