VIDEO: Israeli Lynch Mob Stops Taxis Looking For Arabs To Kill

screenshot from youtube video

Israeli lynch Mob Roams Jerusalem streets, looking for arabs to kill.

Israeli Lynch Mob Stopping Taxis and Looking for Arabs to Kill

This footage documents a group of Israeli men, roaming the streets of Jerusalem, stopping taxis in search for Arabs to kill. The short video clip of lynch mob shows them blocking cars and taxis from passes, in order to check for Arab passengers inside. Here is the footage.

Here is the transcript:

“Here’s another cab! Another cab!”


“No, don’t worry about it…just drive off (spoken to a Jewish drive by the lynch mob).”

“Drive! Drive Already!”

“Take this one.”

“Give me the most (inaudible).”

“Wash him!”

“A Jew?!”

“A Jew?!”

“A Jewish driver.”

“Yallah, lets go to Musrara.”

“Drive Jews, drive.”

“You’re also a Jew don’t worry.”

“Give it to the Arabs, the sons of bitches!”

“A Jew is a soul. An Arab–a son of a bitch!”

Police Complicity

Israeli police have a pattern of ignoring hate crimes against Palestinians, as was the case immediately following the reported kidnapping of Muhammad Abu Khudair. Police did not immediately respond when his family called to report that he had been kidnapped and they actively thwarted efforts to locate those who murdered him by spreading false rumors that Abu Khudair was murdered by his family in an “honor killing” over his sexuality.

Police also neglected to respond when Abu Khudair’s murderers tried to kidnap ten-year-old Mousa Zalum from the same East Jerusalem neighborhood two days earlier.

When police aren’t busy ignoring Jewish vigilante violence against Palestinians, they are actively participating in it.


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