Israelis Gang Up On Muslim Woman On Bus

After watching this video clip, it is evident that something is terribly wrong within Israeli society.

‘Israel is a sick society,’ as the present-day Israeli President, Reuven Rivlin, recently said. The Zionist narrative must include the Palestinian Nakba, in order for both, Israelis and Palestinians, to recognize each other.

Here’s the transcript:

Woman: I have a right that no one will search my bag. If a policeman comes here, with a license, then I agree. If you don’t have a license, then regarding private things, I do not cede to anyone [letting them] check me.

Man:  It’s not that terrible.

Passengers: She is right.

Passengers: She is not right.

Woman: If you don’t feel safe, then simply please call the police.

Passengers: She is not right.

Passengers: Why?

Woman: If you feel unsafe then simply, I have no problem….

Man: If there’s anything suspicious, we need to check, that’s all.

Woman: Suspicious? What do you mean by that? Explain to me what suspicious means. My head scarf is suspicious? That’s what frightens you? So get off [the bus].

Man:  It’s not something personal.

Passenger:  It’s very insulting. I am a citizen here. I’m also an Arab

Woman: The fact you define us [inaudible] a person who is on the bus.

Man:   Both of us agree that this is an unpleasant situation. It’s embarrassing, it’s shaming and it’s insulting.

Woman: Not only embarrassing and insulting…

Man:  Then what?

Woman: It’s the matter of “security”.

Man:   Now, listen to me. I am only posing a request. I can tell you that I am studying a lot about Islam and Quran, and I really identify with the Arabic culture. You don’t know that I am…

Woman: It’s not a matter of culture.

Man:  Listen for a second. listen. I know, I know about all the sensitivities. I also worked for many years with a mixed population. What I am saying, since we are all now in a very…all the Israelis are in a very tense situation now. That’s something objective.

Passenger:  Me too, I am not in a safe situation now.

Translation and subtitles by Ronnie Barkan

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  1. For once I would have to say the guy on the left seems fairly reasonable.

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