Mass Grave Of 230 Civilians Found In Syria (VIDEO)

Victims’ Relatives Discover Mass Grave Of 230 Civilians In Syria

The ISIL assault on the Shaitat tribe in Daryr al-Zawr last summer claimed hundreds of civilians’ lives. However, after a recent discovery of 230 bodies found in a mass grave, the death toll is brought up to approximately 900. It was reported  by PressTV that the bodies were uncovered by the relatives of the victims, who were from the Shaitat tribe.

A mass grave of 230 civilians was discovered in eastern Syria, many of them were executed in cold blood after their [Shaitat] tribe rose up against ISIL.

Mass Grave of 230 civilians:

Islam Times – The bodies of 230 people killed by ISIL terrorists have been found in a mass grave uncovered by their relatives in Syria’s Deir Ezzor province, the UK-based opposing Syrian Observatory said Wednesday.

Discovered in the desert near al-Kashkiyeh area, the vast majority of those found were civilians that were executed in cold blood by ISIL, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. The London-based media source stated that the massacre followed an armed resistance from the Shaitat tribe.

“The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has learned from trusted sources that more than 230 bodies have been found in a mass grave in the desert near al-Kashkiyeh in the east of Deir Ezzor,”

said the Britain-based group.

mass grave of 230 civilians:

Hundreds Shaitat tribe members remain missing since ISIL launched a campaign in Deir Ezzor [Activist photo]

ISIL militants are notorious for their numerous atrocities committed against civilians in Syria and neighboring Iraq, including summary executions and beheadings.

The tribespeople discovered the mass grave after they recently returned to their villages, after months of displacement. The Observatory said that hundreds more members of the Shaitat tribe are still missing.

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