Tomi Lahren Interviews Moe Diab on Charlie Hebdo & Islamophobia (VIDEO)

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Charlie Hebdo & Islamaphobia Part I

Host Tomi Lahren brings ‘On Point’ Middle East Analyst Moe Diab back to the table to talk extremism and Charlie Hebdo. Is the mainstream media clouding the discussion? What is Islamaphobia? ‘On Point with Tomi Lahren‘ airs on WED/FRI at 9pmPT/Midnight ET on One America News Network.

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Get ‘On Point with Tomi Lahren’ & Middle East Analyst Moe Diab:

Charlie Hebdo & Islamaphobia Part 2

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The problem is selective freedom of speech and expression in France. A Charlie Hebdo cartoonist was fired for the offense of anti-Semitism for mocking a former French president’s son who converted to Judaism. That means there is freedom of speech on some issues, for some people, and not for others.

Also, in France Muslim women are allowed to wear as little as they wish, but are banned from wearing as much as they want. Let us not forget about last summer when Gaza was being bombarded and French demonstrators were banned from marching to the center of of their capital. But it’s okay for the worlds biggest tyrants, dictators, and war criminals to lead the Paris Freedom March, right? The most infamous leader to make his appearance in the Paris Freedom March,was Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is responsible for the deaths of 66 journalists, just last year. The representative of Saudi Arabia, where they lash bloggers, and the military representative from Egypt, where they have jailed over 100 journalists, including Western journalists from Al Jazeera both made an appearance in the front of the march. 

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This is hypocrisy, not democracy.

Charlie Hebdo magazine is alienating those who have already been alienated. The biggest victims of the Charlie Hebdo attack are Muslims. Muslims should not be apologizing for the murderous actions of criminals. The devious main stream media conglomerates should be apologizing to the 1.6 billion Muslims worldwide, who have become even more targeted for hate crimes. In the 10 days following the attacks, over 60 attacks on Muslim places of worship, businesses, and homes were reported. Grenades were thrown at Mosques, fires were set to Muslim businesses, and an innocent father and husband was stabbed 17 times, by men yelling anti-Muslim slurs in front of his wife and kid. Who who needs to grow up and apologize? It’s not about a cartoon. It’s about incitement, week after week, and the innocent victims becoming further victimized.

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