Truck Torn Apart By Two Trains At Rail Crossing (VIDEO)

Two Trains, One Truck, And An Icy Road

Footage of a fatal accident in Kazakhstan, involving a truck driver and two oncoming trains, has been circulating the web. Watching the CCTV cam footage, one can’t help but to feel helpless for the truck driver.

The Driver Was Killed By Two Oncoming Trains

The truck driver was killed at the scene of the accident, after his vehicle skid onto the rail track crossing, right between the two oncoming trains. The crash that partially derailed both a cargo train and a passenger train, took place between “Kondratovka” and “Petropavlovsk” stations on the South Urals Railway.

Trains collide with truck--

Screenshot from youtube video

The accident which was caught by a surveillance camera, shows that the driver could not bring the truck to a stop on time, apparently due to icy road conditions.

Although the truck driver managed to prevent a major collision with the cargo train, the train still dragged the truck along in its direction. After the truck was dragged several yards, it was met by a passenger train approaching from the opposite direction, for a fatal heads on collision. After the heads on collision, the debris of the truck went airborne, flung over the trains.

Debris of the truck forced over the trains.

As a result of the accident the truck driver died on the spot. Four empty freight cars were derailed while three cars of the passenger train were damaged.

One Life And Four Train Cars Derailed

The total cost of the horrifying accident was the death of the truck driver, and four empty freight cars were derailed, while three cars of the passenger train were damaged. No other deaths, or injuries were reported.

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